Up to 85% off voice and data
roaming rates in over 200 countries.

PLUS: Save up to 90% off international outbound calls

The KnowRoaming SIM sticker picks up when you are dialling an area code outside of your country. The service is available for making outbound calls to over 200 countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. No more phone bill surprises at the end of the month.


Enjoy free, unlimited WhatsApp when you’re roaming worldwide.

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Purchase a KnowRoaming SIM sticker for only
R399 for the next time you travel overseas

Available in over 200 countries
  • The sticker works with any size SIM card. Simply stick it onto your SIM card after registering and preloading your account on the KnowRoaming app, then access local networks around the world.
  • Your starter kit includes a sticker and applicator, which you use to literally stick KnowRoaming's device directly on top of your SIM. The sticker is incredibly thin - it's designed to permanently sit on top of your existing card.
  • KnowRoaming is designed to minimise hassle when it's time to switch networks. While you're in your home country, the sticker sits dormant. It's more or less invisible to your phone, and all calls and data will be handles exclusively by your original SIM.
  • When you leave the country the device switches to the new network automatically.
  • You'l receive a text message detailing local rates; your incoming calls will be forwarded to your roaming number (outgoing calls appear with your home number.) When you travel overseas, add "knowroaming" as your APN, and you'll be ready to surf at 3G speeds anywhere you go, and at dramatically reduced rates!