New App Features and Products

Announcing the new Family Profiles option in our mobile app for more flexibility in managing your family’s Internet access and new AmpliFi™ product releases to expand our offerings.


Set Up Family Profiles




Easily define user profiles for family members and specify which devices belong to each profile.



Pause Internet Access




You can pause Internet access at any time for any profile or device – or even all devices.



Create Access Schedules




Customize Internet access schedules to define quiet time when you do not want your children accessing the Internet.


Expand Your Mesh

Expand the coverage of an AmpliFi Mesh System or turn your existing router or Wi‑Fi cablebox into a powerful mesh network by adding AmpliFi HD MeshPoints.

Create your network

Create a full mesh network to cover a large home with the AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi‑Fi System, which includes a Mesh Router and two wireless MeshPoints. For small homes and apartments, enjoy AmpliFi’s ease of use and power with the AmpliFi Stand‑Alone Mesh Router.