6 New year’s resolutions for your tech in 2016

There are three words that, at this time of year, are as overplayed as Boney M’s Christmas Album during the Festive Season. And that’s NEW. YEAR’S. RESOLUTIONS.

Now, we know it may be a touchy subject, because it’s the middle of January and you’ve probably already started slipping into your old or undesirable habits of 2015. But there is always hope, and we’re here to save you from self-loathing and disappointment.

We’ve found a few ways for you to become more efficient and productive and get your devices working better by just making a few tweaks to your gadgets. 


RESOLUTION No. 1: Shed those extra apps

Remember that app you downloaded, ‘cause your colleague swore by it, And you used it once? Delete! You won’t miss it. Maybe it’s just us, but deleting apps gives a sense of power. Watching those little icons shake about almost in fear of being the next to go… Moving along.


RESOLUTION No. 2: Do some spring cleaning

Do you have 1 246 emails sitting in you inbox? We think it’s time you sort those out. Get into the habit of answering or deleting mails as soon as you can and add them to folders so you know where to find the important ones easily when you need them. And how is that desktop looking? Can you see what your wallpaper looks like? If not, save files into folders, delete any duplicates and trash old docs that you don’t need. A tidy desktop means a speedier Mac.


RESOLUTION No. 3: Use protection

Everything requires a password these days, it’s annoying but understandable. Don’t get lazy and use the same generic password, because if someone gets a hold of it, they have access to everything from your banking account to your Twitter account and we all know how equally devastating that can be! Mix it up a little. Use numbers, symbols or a random password generator and store all of these in Keychain on your Mac for safekeeping. 


RESOLUTION No. 4: Back it up

Backing up your Mac is one of the worst parts of “adulting”. But you’ll thank yourself later if your computer plays up. Make it part of your routine, quite like flossing. A great way to keep up to date with backing up is to schedule it in. And that can be done pretty simply with Time Machine on your Mac. 


RESOLUTION No. 5: Keep a clean slate

Admit it, you’ve had a few if not many of your meals while working on your Mac. Your keyboard and screen can get rather nasty and that’s why it’s not a bad idea to give it a bit of a ‘spit and polish’ per se. There are a few things you need to know to avoid damaging your desktop or laptop by trying to do good, and that is:

  • Only use a soft, lint-free cloth and never any abrasive cloths, towels or paper towels.
  • Always unplug all power sources devices and cables.
  • Keep liquids away and never get any moisture into any openings.
  • Aerosols or sprays are a huge no-no.


RESOLUTION NO.6: Only use certified cables

It’s tempting to buy cheap lightning cables while waiting at the robot, or that little power bank that comes with five different charging cables. And while we love the idea of a good deal and saving money, buying a more expensive and certified cable can save you on damage to your device, and possibly cash in the long run. Rather stick to cables that are authorised by Apple, and available in reputable stores.

That’s six easy resolutions to stick to this year. And they’ll only make your user experience just that much more enjoyable. So, let’s start forming some good, healthy tech habits in 2016. 

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