EarPods - 5 things you didn’t know you could do with your EarPods


Your EarPods are included as an awesome added accessory to your iOS device and they come with a handy set of hidden features that you may not even know about! These  features streamline all kinds of tasks during your day, making this tiny accessory so much more than just a pair of earphones. Here are 5 things you didn’t know you could do with your EarPods, by simply using the volume button:


Control your Music

1.  Play, pause or skip songs 

If you want to carry on playing a song, or pause one you’re busy listening to then simply click the centre button. This also works for videos, podcasts or anything with audio really. To skip a song when it’s just not the right one that you’re looking for, double click the centre button and move onto something that really gets you grooving.


2.  Fast forward or rewind songs  


If you just want to fast forward to the good parts, double click and hold. If there’s a song that you just can’t get enough of and you want to go back and play it over and over again, triple click and hold.


Manage your calls


3.  Answer and hang up

Click the centre button once to either answer an incoming call or hang up on a current one without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. So quick and easy! 
4.  Switch between calls

If you’ve got your hands full and everyone seems to be calling at once, you can put one call on hold and switch to another call that’s coming in - just click the centre button once. If you’d rather not answer the call coming in then just click and hold down the centre button for two seconds to hang up on them. Whoops, sorry :)
Capture your memories
If you want to quickly take a picture of something that requires a steady hand or don’t want your fingers messing up that perfect shot, you can use the volume button on your EarPods to take the picture as long as the Camera app is open. 
All these nifty features make your EarPods a lot more useful than you may think! For more information visit your nearest iStore today. 

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